why would anyone Want to be Led by You?

And if they Follow, will You Honor Their Choice?
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Partnering With You to Maximize the Potential of Your High Potential Leaders

Pharos Leadership Founders

A Service Disabled Veteran owned business

Dan Walker

An Army Veteran that transformed Corporate Talent Management as the Former Chief Talent Officer of Gap (Talent Supply Chain HR Model), Apple (Ground breaking Global Human Resources Tenure), and JC Penney. He continues to share his extensive Executive and CEO experience through consulting.

Passion: Revolutionizing Talent and Leadership Development by leveraging Elite Warrior Models

BraD Conners

A Retired Navy Captain and Fighter Pilot who Commanded an F/A-18 Squadron (Fighter Squadron of the Year), as well a large Naval Base (multiple energy and environment awards). He has also Directed Elite Air Warfare Training Programs and has been a Senior Executive/ CEO in retirement.

Passion: Honoring the Legacy of the Greatest Leaders I’ve Known by Sharing Their Wisdom

Wes Spence

A Retired Navy Captain and SEAL who served as Chief of Staff for Special Operations Component Command - Afghanistan, and was a Senior Advisor for Naval Special Warfare Command. He also Directed Elite Special Warfare
Training Programs and has been a Senior Executive/ CEO in retirement.

Passion: Maximizing the Human Performance Potential of the Organizations He Supports


Leadership drives Sustained Value and Results

Pharos Leadership Foundations

Leadership is not a birthright. It must be nurtured and practiced. Foundations will transfer  Elite Warrior and Iconic Corporate Leadership experience, to Select Leadership candidates and Teams, in an immersive and engaging system, that delivers immediate and sustainable value across an entire organization, through decisive Talent, Process, and Leadership Development.

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Vector Enhancements

Leadership can be a lonely and isolated place. Demands and expectations are always high. Failures are not an option. Pharos Leadership Staff  understand your challenges and will deploy with select Partners,  providing  a  wide range of Elite Military, Corporate, and Academic experience and tools,  to help you transform, innovate, and succeed.

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Pharos Leadership Key Value elements


Vision and Mission Alignment

As a Core Focus Area , Pharos Leadership helps bind your Organization’s Purpose to your People ... So Even the Least Among You Know How Best to Contribute, Prioritize and Make a Difference

Optimal Decision Acumen

In an increasingly complex, volatile and often unpredictable Competitive Environment, Pharos Leadership helps You prepare your Leadership Team to Decide and Act with Optimal Speed and Maximum Impact using a Proven Process

Simplifying the Complex

Making the Extraordinary look Easy is based on Rigorous Simplification and Mastery of the Basics, not excessive elegance and sophistication that only a few can understand and communicate

Speed of Competent Action

Pharos Leadership helps Leaders exploit opportunity and mitigate risk by giving them the tools to take the initiative and Competently and Confidently Inspire and Guide their Teams to High First Time Success

Continuum of Leadership

When Leaders who possess the most current and accurate information ”Take the Lead” and “Orient the Team”, Organizations respond Quicker and more Effectively than Organizations that restrict those actions to a precious few


Pharos Leadership helps You build a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation where Leadership delivers continuous improvement, quality, and speed of competent action, across ambiguous, high risk, and changing environments